The Print Room
of the Warsaw
University Library

56/66 Dobra Street
00-312 Warsaw


tel.: (22) 55 25 830




Tuesday and Thursday

10.00 – 18.00


In 2013, the Print Room purchased an artificial volume containing over 160 seventeenth-century engravings. The volume bounded in a parchment has gilded card’s rims decorated with embossing. It contains ten almost complete cycles of prints. These are copies of works of Maarten de Vos - that were extremely popular in Europe at the time - published in Paris approximately 1606 and executed by the French engravers, including Thomas de Leu, Nicolas de Mathonier and Jean le Clerc. These series are mainly sets of scenes representing life of hermits and anchoresses such as Oraculum Anachoreticum or Solitudo Sive Vitae Patrum Eremicolarum, and the cycle of Four Elements, Seasons.